Bluetooth Tech: An Integral Part of Your Everyday Life

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bluetoothOur day to day lives have changed drastically with the invention of the Smartphone, a simple phone that became so much more. Certainly many of us make sure never to leave home without our Smartphone and for more than just making phone calls thanks to the inclusion of Bluetooth technology. This handy add-on to our cell phones has become a necessary feature that we rely on more and more, allowing us to connect easily to other devices and get more out of our electronics.

Bluetooth technology isn’t new, in fact it’s been around since about 1994 and ever since it’s been slowly but surely making itself indispensable. A simple way to connect your Smartphone, computers, speakers, and gaming consoles, it allows for wireless connections across a short distance eliminating the need for bothersome cables. It not only makes certain tedious tasks like file sharing and synchronization almost effortless, but also makes it easy to listen to music, open doors, and talk hands-free.

Perhaps one of the most prevalent uses for Bluetooth technology is for talking on your phone hands-free. Hooking up your Smartphone to an ear bud and microphone, the technology allows you to not only drive without taking your eyes off the road, but can also make it look like you’re having a lively conversation with yourself. Credited with reducing the number of deaths and accidents by drivers, hands-free Bluetooth devices are now law if you want to talk and drive in many parts of the world.

Many Smartphone users have loads of music stored on their phone, and for a long time it was only ever a personal collection, meant to be listened to through your headphones. However, today’s Bluetooth enabled speakers allow you to share your playlist wirelessly and with superior sound. Scroll through songs on your phone and you’ll hear them on the speaker across the room, allowing you to instantly subject everyone to your old favourites, whether they want to hear them or not.

The technology has progressed to more than just audio and now Bluetooth technology is used for a plethora of creative uses to make our lives easier. From the time we get up in the morning to the time we go to bed, developers have found ways to hook you up digitally and control it all remotely. You can now keep track of how well you brush your teeth with a special toothbrush that sends the information from the brush to your phone and then even transmits that information to your dentist! Specialty locks are available that will open without a key – all they need is your Bluetooth enabled Smartphone to tell it to open.

Managing these simple everyday tasks is something that Bluetooth technology excels at, and developers are constantly working on new innovations. Bluetooth has been incorporated into almost anything you can think of in recent years, with everything from clothing to toys responding to the wireless signal, ensuring that your Smartphone will be as indispensable as ever.




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