Can Technology Make You a Better Athlete?

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tech-athlete-appsIn high school, I was ready to make a deal with the devil if he could have just made me good at basketball. But the devil never appeared, technology wasn’t what it is today, and the sad result is that I never realized my dreams of being the next Michael Jordan. Had I only been born a decade later I might have had a chance as all the latest apps and technology on the market seem to be promising just that. From motivational software to apps that track your training progress to actual equipment that can keep track of your every layup, putt, or goal, it looks like deals with the devil could be a thing of the past, at least when it comes to being a better athlete.

This made me think of tech – can it improve our ability to be a better athlete? – See this reference – technology improves athletes performance.

Take a look through all the latest apps available for your Smartphone and you’ll find that there’s no shortage of personal trainer apps. With promises that you can go from being a couch potato to running 5K or drastically improve your putting game it puts the information you need right at your fingertips. Offering more than just advice in lieu of a personal trainer or coach, these apps aim to keep track of your progress by automatically tracking your movements and pushing you to do more. With information on proper techniques and optimal training info, these handy apps make it a bit easier to get your butt off the couch and out the door.

While apps are a great way to get started, companies like Wilson and Nike are upping their training game with lines of Bluetooth enabled sports equipment. Go on to the court with one of Wilson’s X Connected Basketballs. technologically advanced basketballs that keeps track of your shooting stats, letting you know how your range and accuracy progress. Pair that with Nike’s new Hyperdunk shoes and you’ll have up to date info on your activity levels, vertical leap, and your steps per second. Sending the information to your iPhone or iPad you’ll then have real-time information of how your skills are progressing during practice and what you need to work on. Since the first runners were released with a pedometer in them, a product which sent the internet ablaze upon its appearance, tech-enabled shoes have become the must-have accessory for any serious athlete.


Got the Apps? – You need the clothes!
If you’ve got the apps and the equipment you’ll definitely need the clothes too, and the current sports fashions include a ton of wearable tech. From shirts to sports bras, the latest fabrics have sensors embedded in the fibers, creating a link between your clothing and your phone. These sensors are capable of tracking heart rates, respiration rates, temperatures, and activity levels, enabling your shirt to send a message to your phone that tells you if your heart rate is too low and you need to amp up your activity level. And the clothing is surprisingly stylish with major designers like Polo by Ralph Lauren bringing fashionable and wearable tech to the runways and stores alongside sports brands like Adidas and Reebok.

So will all the latest technology make you a better athlete? It can definitely help you train better and keep well informed of your actual progress, and that could potentially help an athlete improve their game. However sometimes the skills are just there or they aren’t, and on that note, I’m still waiting for the devil to return my call.






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