LELO SenseMotion Leads the Way For Better Sex

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lelotoyWhile we don’t normally take a look at adult toys, this week we’re looking at some truly magnificent technology packed into some of the latest tech gadgets in the sex toy industry. Thanks to the SexToys247.net.au who sell Adult Toys online and LELO who make high quality vibrators they have made selecting a few examples easy to choose.

Motion sensors are all around us from the grocery store doors that automatically open for you to the controllers that make the Nintendo Wii work. Taking its inspiration from what’s now become a prevalent technological aspect to daily life Swedish-based sex toy company LELO has released a line of vibrators whose controls respond to movement. Naming their new technology SenseMotion, they’ve incorporated it into a series of vibrators and couples toys whose remotes respond to a flick of the wrist.

Since its inception in 2003 Lelo has been designing luxury sex toys for both men and women, and the use of motion sensors is only their latest innovation in the world of sex toys. A recent press release from LELO boasts of a new aphrodisiac scented massager, an updated version of the popular Lily vibrator that will be available in three aromas: Bordeaux and Chocolat, Lavender and Manuka Honey, and Rose and Wisteria. And while the aromatherapy scented vibrators will surely be a huge success, it’s the superior motion sensors that Lelo has incorporated into the newer versions of their popular Lyla, Oden, and Tiana vibrators that have made them the adult company to watch in recent years.


  1. The LELO Lyla 2lelo-lyla2
    The small sized Lyla 2 will fit comfortably into the palm of your hand and feels luxurious against your body with its silky silicone shell, but it’s the powerful vibrations and the sheer variety of play that will make you fall in love with this pint-sized bullet. While the bullet can be controlled with the usual predetermined vibration patterns, its settings can also be managed with a flick of the wireless remote. Two special SenseMotion settings are available, the first increases the intensity level of the vibrations simply by tilting the remote up or down, while the second setting allows the holder of the remote to adjust both the speed and the type of vibration.
  2. The LELO Oden 2lelo-oden2A toy designed for couples to enjoy together, you may just be fighting over who gets the remote for the Oden 2. It’s a sleek design that looks like it’s from the future, and incorporates the same SenseMotion technology as the Lyla 2. Featuring a flexible base that wraps around the base of the penis with a vibrating arm designed to massage her clitoris during intercourse, the Oden 2 touches on multiple pleasure points for couples, especially when the SenseMotion controller is used. Adding a new dimension to sex, the hi-tech remote not only allows for greater, more intuitive control, it also vibrates, adding another fascinating facet to its abilities.
  3. The LELO Tiani 2lelo-tiani2Another couple’s toy, the Tiani 2 incorporates a unique design that fits securely inside the vagina, adding extra stimulation and sensation to both him and her during intercourse. The thin, U-shaped design is made to stay in place hands-free and just like the Oden and Lyla is powered by a wireless remote that works with the SenseMotion technology. And while wireless technology will usually mean a high power drain, the Lelo rechargeable battery ensures that you’ll get a long run time and plenty of powerful vibrations.


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